Online Testing

Step-By-Step Test Proctoring Guide: Student & Faculty Information

Online Testing

Student assessment may be done online via proctored exams at an external site, or on campus. Instructors are required to notify students of proctored exam requirements by the first day of the semester, and must also provide direction to the proper resource for making proctor arrangements within the course syllabus.

Contact your instructor directly if you have any questions regarding fees for online testing.

Proctored Off-Campus Exams

Many instructors use proctored testing to assess a student's progress in online courses. Students in online courses must fulfill their responsibilities in arranging and taking a proctored exam. Review and complete the following procedures before proceeding with proctored exams.

Registration and Payment

Fees vary for the use of a testing facility and the proctor's time to receive, monitor, and return exams. Testing facilities often require pre-payment, and receipt for payment may serve as a ticket to the proctored exam session. Some proctors also require students to bring return envelopes for paper-based exams. 

Students must contact chosen proctors to:

  • Schedule the exam date and time well in advance of the testing window provided by the instructor.
  • Determine if there is a fee, the amount of the fee, and when it must be paid.
  • Review the exam schedule to ensure the test can be given during the window provided by the instructor.
  • Check with the proctor the day before the exam to ensure they have the necessary exam information.
  • On test day students must bring an ID accepted by the chosen proctor. Failure to provide proper ID will result in being turned away. An TU  student ID (and a Driver's License if there is no photo) is preferred.

Student Responsibilities

  1. If you are in a distance learning or online class, you must complete the Online Proctor Form within the first week of the semester.
  2. If you are eligible for support from the Tuskegee University ADA 504 Accommodations Counselor inform your instructor regarding exam arrangements that you will need.
  3. Address disputes with the course instructor, not the testing staff. Test facilities are not responsible for grades, test questions, answers, scores, or addressing student concerns about being turned away for any reason.

Preparation Required

It is the responsibility of the student to secure a Proctor for his/her exams. The Proctor must fit the description of acceptable Proctors. The student must discuss the number of exams and length of each with the Proctor, as it requires a time commitment. Tuskegee University  requires that Proctors be available for all exams, return exams in a timely manner, provide a valid email address, and complete the online Exam Proctor’s Agreement. 


  • Testing/proctoring organizations, such as ProctorU and Sylvan  charge  fees for taking exams.
  • Costs incurred for proctoring are the responsibility of the student.
  • Students are also responsible for purchasing a webcam and other required online testing equipment if they use Proctor U

Exam Proctoring Expectations

  • Proctors who do not fit the list of appropriate proctors will be refused.
  • Proctors expect payment for this service.
  • Discuss the number of exams and length of each with your proctor, as it requires a time commitment.
  • Confirmation will be sent to you and your proctor upon approval.Verify your proctor will be available for all of your exams.
  • Your proctor must agree to return exams in a timely manner. 

After Selecting Your Proctor

  • Have your proctor complete the Proctor Form & Confidentiality Agreement
  • Submit your proctor form no later than the 1st week of summer school. Failure to do so will slow your course progression.
  • Confirmation will be sent to you and your proctor upon approval.

Frequently Asked Questions on Proctored Exams

Proctor Requirements - Setting Up a Proctored Exam

What is a Proctor?

A Proctor is someone who oversees the administration of an exam.

Testing and Exams

If you are a distance education student, exams for your course can be facilitated several different ways.

Choosing Your Proctor

 Some proctoring services may require a testing fee. Any testing fees will be the responsibility of the student.  

When is a Proctor required?

Proctors are often used for make-up exams, and also for exams in distance education classes. In both instances, some professors require the use of a Proctor to ensure the fairness and integrity of the examination.

Acceptable Proctors include:


  • ProctorU, a nationally-recognized leader in online exam proctoring services. ProctorU provides a convenient, affordable, and secure way for students to complete exams from any location using a computer, webcam, and reliable internet connection.
  • ProctorU allows test-takers to take an exam on demand or by appointment. All appointments should be made at least three days in advance. To make an appointment, test-takers simply create an account at logging in, clicking on the “new exam” link and selecting the exam, date, and time they desire. Test-takers will receive an email confirming their reservation at the email address they provided to ProctorU

ProctorU Exam Fee Schedule
Exam Length Flex Scheduling Take It Soon Take It Now
30 minutes or less $   8.75 $ 13.75 $ 17.50
31 - 60 minutes $ 17.50 $ 22.50 $ 26.25
61 - 120 minutes $ 25.00 $ 30.00 $ 33.75
121 - 180 minutes $ 33.75 $ 38.75 $ 42.50
181 minutes or more $ 42.50 $ 47.50 $ 51.25

Test-takers are responsible for meeting the following technical requirements in order to use ProctorU:

  • A reliable computer running Windows 7 (or higher) or Mac OS X 10 (or higher).
  • A web cam with 640x480 video pixel resolution or higher.
  • Headphones or working speakers connected to the computer.
  • A working microphone connected to the computer. We recommend a web cam that has a built in microphone.
  • A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed. We recommend Flash Player 10 or higher 
  • A reliable, high-speed Internet connection.
  • The ability to allow video and screen-sharing connections to the computer used to take an exam.
  • Test-takers can test their computer and webcam at

Sylvan Learning Center

Proctored Tests


To find a center close to your residence (click link for map).

Sylvan :

  • Then contact the center for availability for your exams (whether it is CBT - computer based test or PBT - paper based test) and the following information of the center.
  • Testing Location and Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Complete and return the Proctor form to your instructor no later than the 2nd week of summer school.
  • Your instructor will email the exam to the center and the center will return the exam to the instructor.
  • You are responsible for paying to the center Test Fee and Postage for mailing the exam back to the university.