Tuskegee eLearning Student FAQs 


Are online programs and courses  comparable in quality to on-campus programs and courses?
Yes. The same faculty and instructors that teach on the Tuskegee University campus teach Tuskegee University online courses.This means that the rigor and quality of the content, as well as the course load is the same as the on-campus classes.

Course course availability
Students will have access to their Canvas course at least one week  before the start of the semester/session. Students who register for a course after the start of the session will be able to access their  Canvas course 24 hours after their registration has been processed.

What are the tuition costs for online courses
Tuition costs and fees for online courses

What type of computer do I need?
Please review our list of computer requirements. Depending on modality and course of study, you’ll need access to specific 
hardware and software. If you have any questions about our guidelines, call our technical support team at 334-724-4704.

I use a Macintosh. Can I still take courses at Tuskegee University e-learning?


How do I access my online course?

    •    Login to: https://tuskegee.instructure.com/
    •    Enter your username and password (TU email credentials)
    •    You should see your classes listed on the Dashboard page
    •    Click on the course shell to view your course content.
Classes are typically accessible the week before the course start date.

How do I find and enroll in classes?
To register for these sections, please log onto www.tuskegee.edu/tigerweb, and search for distance learning sections using the acronym DL in the "Section" box of the Search for Sections screen.

Can you tell me about the "classroom?"

Tuskegee University instructors and faculty use a variety of methods to share materials, have students interact, and to be able to monitor student’s progress throughout the course.

One of the benefits of taking online is flexibility. A few courses may require specific log-on times for certain activities or assignments, but most courses have assignments and due dates; when the student logs on to complete them is determined by the student. Some assignments and tests may only be available for a limited time (such as a 48-hour period), so they must be completed at some point within the designed time.

What tools do I need to successfully participate in online classes?

Tuskegee University online courses are taught using the learning management system Canvas and include a variety of multimedia tools and resources. To ensure you can successfully access the multimedia tools in your courses, we recommend that you use a standard PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer with a webcam, headset and microphone. 

Courses are best viewed using a high-speed Internet connection and the Chrome browser, which can be downloaded for free online here .  

If you have questions or experience any difficulties, we offer technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except on major holidays. Technical support can be reached by email, the student website, or by calling 334-727-8040/