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Prospective Student Information


Tuskegee University is offering fully online undergraduate degree programs in Liberal Studies leading to the award of BS or BA in Liberal Studies and undergraduate program leading to the BS in Animal and Veterinary Science beginning Fall 2022. Please see the program descriptions for the programs below. The programs provide opportunities for adult students who have started their education but did not graduate, or those who have not enrolled previously at any college or University. The courses in the programs are taught by the same faculty members who teach the traditional classroom courses, thus assuring the same Tuskegee quality. The courses run in 8-week terms, which will enable a fast pathway to complete your degree program.

Tuskegee University also offers online graduate degrees.

Prospective Students


Students ready to challenge themselves with talented classmates and top-notch professors on a residential campus known for its rich history and beauty. Students who want to take part in more than 100 clubs and organizations, work with cutting-edge resources and technologies and cheer on some of the nation's most successful sports teams.

Tuskegee University is well respected, so our students are sought-after by companies and agencies from around the world!  They are great students! 


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Liberal Studies Program

The College of Arts and Sciences has announced the development of two new innovative degree programs designed to accommodate both non-traditional, returning students and undecided majors. Beginning in fall 2022, Tuskegee will offer two online degrees in Liberal Studies, the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

The programs will present a diverse array of Humanities and STEM courses designed to reinforce critical thinking skills and highlight the importance of cross-disciplinary exposure. The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies will be fully online for non-traditional students seeking to complete undergraduate degrees they started previously. However, for current undecided major students, the program will be in person.

The new online undergraduate degree program will be designed to allow adult learners with college credits to return to complete their degrees.

The Liberal Studies Program at Tuskegee University (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) is fundamentally a multidisciplinary program. The intended outcomes of this program are to cultivate the ability to critically integrate diverse fields of human knowledge and activity. After completing the program, students will have enhanced abilities in critical and analytical thinking and writing. In addition, students will have the chance to develop creative and collaborative abilities. As a result, graduates of the program will be well-rounded across multiple fields, they will be able to think critically across multiple fields, they will be effective readers and writers, and will be able to communicate across multiple fields.

Online Undergraduate Degree Programs in Animal and Veterinary Science

The College of Agriculture, Environment & Nutrition Sciences (CAENS) at Tuskegee University is offering fully online degree programs in Animal and Veterinary Science. The Program has concentrations in Animal or Veterinary Science with science of business options.

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Degree Program -- SCIENCE OPTION

Students who elect to study in the science option of our Animal and Veterinary Sciences Degree Program will possess a foundation for careers in research as well as many other fields related to animal, poultry, veterinary and related sciences. Furthermore, this option will include the academic pre-requisites for entry into veterinary school.

The science option provides students the opportunity to obtain advanced training in animal sciences, chemistry, biology, and related sciences in preparation for graduate or professional school, including veterinary or human medicine.

Animal and Veterinary Sciences Degree Program -- BUSINESS OPTION

Students who elect to study in the business option of our Animal and Veterinary Sciences Degree Program  will be provided with formal training in agricultural business and management as related to livestock production. In addition, they will be provided  a foundation for careers in industry, extension, agricultural marketing, etc. Opportunities for advance graduate studies exist in agricultural economics, agricultural education, business administration, and livestock management.


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