Office of Distance Education and Online Learning (ODEOL)

Tuskegee University (TU) is committed to offering a high-quality online education program that adheres to the standards set forth by SACSCOC, regarding electronically offered programs. To this end, TU has established the Office of Distance Education and Online Learning (ODEOL) to ensure that its online education program is delivered in a systematic and organized way. Moreover, coordination of online education is required to ensure that the University continues to offer high-quality education; provides resources and assistance for faculty; provides support services for online education students, maximizes the use of University’s resources, and ensures comprehensive, consistent, and coherent policies and procedures related to faculty and students!

Furthermore, the University recognizes that today’s students already enter the university with high expectations for the use of technology in their learning. The University also realizes that the rapid advancements in technology will continue to create new approaches for providing and delivering distance education. Consequently, the University is committed to ensuring that the programs and courses offered through this medium will be as academically rigorous as those courses that are offered on the campus. Both on-campus and online course and program offerings will result in creating deep and lasting learning in the students !! Additionally, the University recognizes that the new science of teaching and learning, using emerging technology modalities, brings new and different teaching and learning challenges. 

About ODEOL 

The Office of Distance Education and Online Learning (ODEOL) consisting of administrative, academic, and technological personnel, coordinates the scheduling, infrastructure, and delivery of distance learning courses and works closely with each academic department to ensure the quality of distance education at Tuskegee University. The Office of Distance Education and Online Learning' s primary focus is on designing and implementing best practices for students and faculty, providing eLearning training for faculty, students and administrative personnel, offering technical assistance for all groups, and providing general information for all issues related to eLearning.

The Office of Distance Education and Online Learning (ODEOL) provides additional support in the area of distance education by providing the following services:

  • Professional development opportunities in the areas of teaching and learning
  • Workshops, information sessions, discussions, and webinars on a variety of distance education topics
  • Instructional and technical support for electronic learning
  • The production of audio, video, photographic and graphic media for instructional use
  • Assistance with the appropriate pedagogical use of technologies
  • Acquisition and loaning of software and hardware for faculty creation of multi-media materials.

The Office of Distance Education and Online Learning will ensure TU’s compliance with laws in other states concerning authorization to provide distance education programs to students in those states. If necessary, the University will prohibit students in some states from enrolling in TU online classes.

Assessment data for effective provision of learning resources to distance education will be available and regularly evaluated and improved where appropriate.

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Tuskegee University Office of Distance Education and Online Learning

John A. Kenney Hall 
Rm 70--131

1200 W. Montgomery Road
Tuskegee, AL 36088


Dr. Moses Ntam
Interim Executive Director

Mrs. Floya Fisher Blair
Executive Assistant/Office Administrator

Dr. Sonsauhray Price
Instructional Technologist & LMS Administrator

Ms. JaNeen Roberts
Online Student Support Services Specialist & Acadeum Administrator

Ms. Dañetta Evans
Instructional Technologist

Dr. Brett Coppenger
Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Souleymane Fall
Faculty Coordinator

Ms. Febreu Holston
Faculty Mentor


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