ACADEUM Course Sharing

Online Consortia Courses

ACADEUM imageTuskegee University (TU) is offering an opportunity that allows students to take Approved Online Transfer Courses from other institutions. TU has partnered with Acadeum, a College Consortium that has a network of accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings. Department Chairs and Instructors can access the Acadeum catalog of online courses

Courses taken through Acadeum are considered institutional credit and impact the student's GPA and graduation requirements in the same way a TU course does. The course will appear on the student's TU transcript as a TU course.

If TU offers the same course during the same term, students will be allowed to register for that class ONLY if there is a scheduling conflict that will delay the student's required course sequence.

For enrollment requests by Department Heads/Instructors Only, please complete the Acadeum Enrollment Request Form or contact JaNeen N. Roberts ( for assistance.

How to Register

Students who believe that they would benefit from enrolling in a course through Acadeum should contanct their Department Chair or Faculty Advisor for their major. The University will approve courses on an individual student basis.

Benefits for Students

  • Enhanced course options, including elective courses
  • Course options for summer and winter
  • Opportunity to take a desired course that is not offered at TU
  • Help support students to graduate on-time

Course Billing

Tuskegee University will bill the student for courses offered through the Acadeum consortium according to the current University on-campus tuition rate and will depend on the student’s current enrollment status and the current hours for which the student is registered. Payments must be made in accordance with existing University payment policies and deadlines. For information about your overall bill or paying your bill, contact Bursar’s Office or the Student Accounts at (334) 724-4385


All Acadeum partner schools can access the Acadeum Course Share Administrator Application from the Acadeum website [].

  • Approving Courses:
    • The Provost, Dean and/or Department Heads collaborate to approve a list of consortial courses to make available to students. In choosing courses, they review course syllabi, faculty credentials, and additional assessments of learning outcomes data.
  • Student Requesting Courses:
    • At this time Students can only request classes through their Department Heads.

Home Institutions approve courses for their students from the inventory of courses within the consortia to which they belong. A Home Institution’s preference for consortium-based courses is based on thepremise that these courses can be covered by financial aid, grades students can be brought back to impact GPA or replace poor grades, courses can be used under residency requirements, and they canestablish full- or part-time status for students. 

Department Heads/Instructors must sign up for an account using their TU email, verify their TU email. Once logged in they can locate, approve, and map courses equivalent to TU courses before they appear in our Acadeum catalog and register students for the approved courses. Use the links below to navigate and choose courses.


If you wish to drop or withdraw from a consortium class, contact your Depatment Head.

If you cannot see an approved course on the Acadeum website that fits your need, or if you need any general assistance, please contact Ms. JaNeen N. Roberts, Acadeum Liaison, at or 334-724-4238. For emails and voicemail, please provide the course you are looking for. Include your name and the TU course that you are trying to match. Over [3,000] courses are available, and we can work to get one approved for you.