Faculty Peer Mentors

Faculty Peer Mentor

  • Ms. F. Holston

Faculty Peer Mentor Description

Objective: Increase the numbers and proportion of faculty members utilizing technology for inclusion and development of their online courses.

Faculty members from various disciplines will assist ODEOL staff with faculty development and teaching. Faculty Peer Mentors will be able to help faculty before, during, and after course development and online teaching.


  • The Faculty Peer Mentor member will assist staff in the Office of Distance Education and Online Learning (ODEOL) with training of faculty members who teach online courses
  • Faculty Peer Mentors are competent in the skills they will be expected to share.
  • Faculty Peer Mentors are able to lead both by modeling outstanding practices
  • Faculty Peer Mentors Mentors don't manage; they guide. They offer positive solutions to challenges that other teachers identify in their own classrooms, or to challenges observed in those classrooms.
  • Faculty Peer Mentors provide their fellow faculty members with supportive technology guidance by demonstrating outstanding technology integration and good teaching practices
  • Faculty Peer Mentors provide colleagues with assistance with technology tools and tasks such as Blackboard, iTunes U and other Learning Management Systems
  • Faculty Peer Mentors offer one-on-one help with questions or concerns about integrating technology in a particular content area
  • Faculty Peer Mentors act as beta-testers, evaluating new technology tools and initiatives.

ODEOL Faculty Coordinator Description

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Works under the Direction of the Director of Distance Education  
  • Oversees the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of online and alternative learning format courses
  • Implements policies; performs rubric based quality reviews;
  • Seeks out new technologies and provides support to students and faculty with online learning
  • Coordinates and implements initiatives that promote globally-accessible, academic, and professional programs for working students
  • Works one-on-one with faculty to develop and enhance distance education courses and provide assistance as needed. 
  • Contribute to research and publish efficacy and outcomes of TU’s distance learning programs.
  • Participates in University and school-wide initiatives, development, and meetings;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Faculty Peer Coordinators

  • Dr. Brett Coppenger

  • Dr. Moses Ntam